Funny Birthday Traditions

birthday cupcake

This week, I celebrate another birthday. I’m not dreading it for two reasons. First, I misjudged my age and was pleasantly surprised to learn I’m actually a year younger. Secondly, this day has always been special because of two funny traditions.

My mom started one following a visit from my cousin, Patty. She was a cool teenager, and I was a goofy eight-year-old who followed her every move.

During her stay, we gathered at a local restaurant for breakfast. Patty ordered a soft drink, and of course, I asked for one too. Because breakfast was considered an important meal in our household, I was only allowed to drink juice or milk. Mom quickly answered my question with a definite, NO.

I watched Patty sip the bubbly, iced soft drink (or as we call it in the south, a coke, regardless of the brand), and I couldn’t hide my disappointment. Always making the best of every situation, Mom invented the “Drink a Coke for Breakfast” tradition.

From that day forward, I was allowed to drink a coke for breakfast, but only on my birthday. The tradition was later shared with my younger brother and became almost equivalent to Christmas morning in our young minds. Thanks to Patty, our birthdays were even sweeter.

Another tradition is Mom’s phone call serenade. Each year, she calls me and belts out the birthday song in her enthusiastic singing voice. My birthday wouldn’t be complete without it, although I think she attempts to make each year more obnoxious than the last.

The “Drink a Coke for Breakfast” tradition has now been put to rest, because I drink a coke for breakfast every day. However, I can still look forward to Mom’s birthday serenade to start my day off with a bang.

I would love to hear from you. What are your funny birthday traditions?